My Friend’s Kitchen

Each time I move to a new place, I have been blessed to strike up friendships with amazing chefs. These women cook anonymously in their kitchens, turning out delicious dishes that scream to be shared with others. Each time I am invited into a friend’s kitchen, I watch as they stir and taste, answer phones and stop fights between siblings, all while chattering away, sharing their stories with me. There’s something about sitting by a warm stovetop, smelling onions sizzling in the skillet, that opens people up. As I sit, two stories unfold: the recipe itself, with each addition the flavors goriwng more complex and complete, and the stories of my friend’s life. How she came to be here. What she hopes for in the future. And, of course, where she learned this recipe.

Periodically, I will feature one of these women in a post. Sometimes they, or I, have moved away, and I can no longer do a physical visit to their kitchen. However, I try to share some of their amazing stories along with one of their mouth-watering meals. Among others, you’ll meet Minni, the curry guru, who came from India after an arranged marriage, and Marisol, who emigrated from Mexico to the United States many years ago and makes the most delicious tortillas and tacos I have ever tasted.

You can find all of these posts under the “My Friend’s Kitchen” tab on the left-hand side of the home page. Note that I use authentic recipes as my friends’ would cook them, so they might not have a vegetarian or low animal-products option.

My friend Minni’s spice dish. You can read about one of Minni’s delicious recipes here.

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