The Winner!

Congratulations to Nicole for winning my most recent contest!

You’ll be receiving your prize soon. I wish I could deliver it in person with these cowboy boots on. They are so cute.

Girl with Present

Thank you to everyone who entered and signed up to follow the blog.

I had a lovely early summer afternoon today. We went strawberry picking at our favorite u-pick spot. The sun was bright, but a brisk breeze was pushing clouds speedily through the sky. We’ve had a bout of rain the last two weeks, so most of the berries were still green (we’ll be back, don’t worry), but I had a few fabulous little gems. I’ll post some photos soon.

What are your favorite summer activities? Now that school is almost out, I’m ready to officially start summer. Any suggestions on fun kids activities? Favorite lazy-summer-afternoon reads? I’d love a list of good junk food (or substantial) books for the months ahead, although, to be honest, I’m not sure how much I’ll actually get around to reading. I just started re-reading The New Good Life by John Robbins, which is one of my favorites, but other than my habitual cookbook perusing on the floor of the kid’s section at the library—between picking up Leggos and stern reminders to share toys so the other moms don’t think I’m neglecting my motherly duties—I don’t have many books waiting to be read.

Happy Tuesday evening. I hope you have lovely cooking dreams.

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